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Anxiety Steps is a simple way to decrease anxiety.
It works by letting you select from different interactive
activities that are scientifically proven to decrease anxiety.
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About Us

Anxiety Steps is a website that assists anxious users to calm down and reduce anxiety.
We do this with scientifically proven methods that have a high level of success.
Operation of the site is easy and user friendly so you can be sure that we don't cause more stress than we cure!
We are a five person group who is dedicated to bettering the world!

Our Team

Anxiety Steps Team

Fun Facts

  • Just because you worry doesn't mean that you have anxiety disorder. You might just be anxious.
  • Anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder in the US.
  • There are many types of anxiety disorder including OCD and PTSD. Look them up!
  • Women have a higher risk of getting anxiety disorder than men. That's not sexist, that's a fact.
  • Anxiety disorders are usually accompanied by other related disorders.
  • Anxiety can cause or exacerbate physical illness. Use Anxiety Steps to stay healthy!
  • Anxiety may be hereditary. That means that if your mom or grandma has anxiety, you have a higher risk.
  • Luckily, anxiety can be managed and treated effectively! One way is Anxiety Steps.

Source: elements Behavioral Health Creating Extraordinary lives, 8 Facts about anxiety disorders.



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